a new kind of shade

Ensure your company stands out from the crowd with our branded SHADES, available exclusively to those who order in bulk. Guests can enjoy your event to the max all while protected from the natural elements. To make the process even more appealing, we offer discounts on bulk purchase orders. So what are you waiting for? 

Brand Them

Make your SHADES your own by branding them with your unique company logo. As our SHADES are available in an array of appealing colours and three sizes, there’s no reason why they won’t complement your event beautifully.

Bulk Discount

Why have one SHADES when you can have many? We are very excited to offer an appealing discount to customers who order our SHADES in bulk. Please use the order form below to find out more on this amazing offer.

Be Different

Recognised for their unique shape and eye-catching colours, SHADES will ensure that your event will be one to remember. Their easy assembly and light weight means your set-up time will be cut in half, giving you more time to focus on the important things, like having fun!